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Soluble vs. Insoluble Fiber

In nature, certain fibers predominate in different seasons to deliver specific and timely health benefits. This winter, make sure you board the right fiber train to boost digestive function and support immunity. There is soluble fiber, which expands and becomes slimy in water, like oatmeal and psyllium. Think winter! Most soluble fibers predominate in the […]


Nature’s Path for Winter Immunity

It is hard to ignore the fact that seasonal foods have been feeding us since the beginning of our evolution and, as a result, our health depends greatly on a diet that changes with each season. We have compelling evidence that suggests that microbes in the soil, the plants they attach to and the health […]


Clarity is on Tap for 2017

The end and beginning of the year is a natural time to reflect and consider goals for the future. Last year was all about change and this year will be all about clarity. Spending so much time making decisions and taking leaps, now we have to sort through it all and determine what worked best and […]


Opportunities to Learn in 2017

From Doreen Virtue: In 2017 all of us will have an opportunity to put everything into practice that we have learned so far. Here are some of the lessons that will be put to the test: The power of positive thinking. Faith and optimism are essential tools, especially in the face of fear. In 2017, we […]


The Christmas-Hanukkah Overlap

In a rare occurrence, Christmas Eve and the first day of Hanukkah fall on the same day this year. Perhaps these two religious events coinciding is a signal that the world can be a more united place in 2017. This made me think about all the things perhaps we can do personally to ensure a […]

Tai-Chi Master Peter Kopala about Crystal Bed Session

Read Sahai A.'s review of SunGates Center on Yelp
"I wanted to share the benefits that I experienced with Crystal Light Healing! I feel that I am very Balanced and High level of Awareness! When I experienced the Crystal Light It took me to someplace that I didn't know but I felt at one with the Universe and the Emptiness! When the treatment was over I had such a feeling of Oneness with the Universe and Vibrational Alignment with the Universe!! I still feel the Connectedness and Balance! Also when I attended the Open House at Sungates Center I felt high level of Love Energy from the Center, Practitioners and People that attended! Thanks for a Wonderful Place for Serenity, Growth and Healing!" - Emmett Sylvester Qigong Instructor and Certified Consulting Hypnotist!