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6 Words to remove from YOUR Life to Help Manifest Prosperity

Excerpt from Sara Prout post……. If you would love to manifest more awesome stuff into your life like love, happiness, prosperity or abundance, then you NEED to stop saying the 6 following words. This hefty little list of words is responsible for being used in your day-to-day language patterns and can literally imprint your consciousness […]


End of Summer, Fall Superfoods

At the end of summer,  your body will potentially overheat or dry out. Summer Superfoods are cooling seasonal antidotes to stop the heat in its tracks. Watermelons are naturally cooling and hydrating. Apples support blood sugar and are also heat-removing. Pomegranates are one of the most powerful antioxidants. Fall is detox season, eat as many […]


Holistic Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety

Heart palpitations, hot flashes, trembling hands, a surge of terror… anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety knows how truly miserable it can be. Everyone gets nervous and stressed from time to time, but for some people, feelings of dread, worry, and panic can become frequent and overwhelming.  Of course, it’s important to speak with […]

Heal Yourself - Heal the World! (1)

Wellness Fair – September 11 11-4pm

Sunday, September 11  11-4pm We are happy to invite everyone to the 4th Wellness Fair Heal Yourself – Heal The World!!! – Schedule a Reading to bring perspective and solutions to your personal issues and circumstances. – Get a Healing session to experience love and healing energy. ——->>>Click here to meet participating healers and readers […]

Elegant tulips manicured hand and pedicured feet

Your Toes are Windows to the Soul! Benefits of Reflexology

Each formation or feature on your feet and toes is a metaphor and clue to understanding your path. The power of Toe Reading is so much more than what people expect! This New Age, transformational modality is used to help people explore and honor their life paths – all the way down to their very souls/soles! […]

Tai-Chi Master Peter Kopala about Crystal Bed Session

"I wanted to share the benefits that I experienced with Crystal Light Healing! I feel that I am very Balanced and High level of Awareness! When I experienced the Crystal Light It took me to someplace that I didn't know but I felt at one with the Universe and the Emptiness! When the treatment was over I had such a feeling of Oneness with the Universe and Vibrational Alignment with the Universe!! I still feel the Connectedness and Balance! Also when I attended the Open House at Sungates Center I felt high level of Love Energy from the Center, Practitioners and People that attended! Thanks for a Wonderful Place for Serenity, Growth and Healing!" - Emmett Sylvester Qigong Instructor and Certified Consulting Hypnotist!