Angelic Quantum Healing – A.Q.H. – Level 1

We are excited to present:
Gian Carlo Zazzeri and Manuela Bolea, founders of Crystalline Angels International, Spiritual Teachers, Mediums, Channelers, Physicists and Quantum Healers, currently resign in Australia. 
Saturday and Sunday, February 10 & 11; 10am-6pm 2018 
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They are traveling the word to teach A.Q.H – Angelic Quantum Healing, Channeled and Developed by  Gian Carlo Zazzeri

For many years, those interested in human consciousness talked about “an emerging paradigm”, a unifying vision of the highest scientific theories and spiritual beliefs called the holographic paradigm.
As we firmly believed in this paradigm, a new holistic method was channeled, developed and experimented called Transdimensional Quantum Healing or just simply A.Q.H.
A.Q.H is a new and revolutionary method based on the notions of quantum physics and the holistic vision, for people aiming at stepping back into their authentic power.  This method rapidly facilitates our energetic balance, personal growth and collective evolution.
A.Q.H is a highly innovative approach to connect ourselves to the infinite power of the cosmos, to harness it from within and convey it as a highly powerful healing source.
This method is developed and structured on 4 levels to create a new generation of holistic healers capable of conveying on a higher energetical frequency the harmonizing and healing frequencies of the infinite power of the cosmos, through the knowledge of an advanced metaphysical approach to life which is the perfect balance between science and spirituality.

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A.Q.H consists of four levels of the duration of one weekend

Level 1 –  Quantum Vector Healer  (will be offered at SunGates: February 10 and 11; 10am-6pm 2018)
Level 2 – Intermediate Quantum Vector Healer
Level 3 – Advanced Holographic Vector Healer
Level 4 – Master Holographic Vector Surgeon

From the beggining of this training, you will learn and experience the following:Untitled design (6)

• Before tapping into the mystery and potential of level one A.Q.H, we will prepare ourselves first through powerful and profound quantum cleansing, regenerative and activating processes to higher the vibrational frequency of our electromagnetic field called the torus, which is the creative energy and multidimensional matrix of our soul in this dimension.

• We will study the principles of sacred geometry known in scientific terms as the vector equilibrium to activate and harness the ultraviolet photon frequency of the cosmos for our quantum cleansing and vibrational evolution.
• We will study our electromagnetic field known as the torus field, and activate it to the higher frequency of the masculine and feminine energy of the cosmos.
• After preparing ourselves through the energetic cleansing processes and activating processes to higher our vibrational frequency, we will be ready to tap into the mistery of the Angelic Quantum Healing method through a simple study of the hidden codes of the multidimensional structure of time and space embedded within our higher heart chakra called the tesseract or divinity core.

• We will start to step into the knowledge and awareness of our multidimensional self through the metaphysical perspective of transcendence, and learn to use our divinity core to transcend and harness the infinite energy of the cosmos for a powerful healing process that can profoundly change our lives and the lives of many other people for the better in a rapid way.

According to the times of profound changes that were living. New holistic methods are arriving from higher dimensions to assist us in our evolution passage towards a new world of universal and multiversal peace.

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Wow!! What a phenomenal enhancement to my life!!
Here I was feeling so empowered with my spiritual gift but also so confused about how my gifts would make a positive impact on the planet, I didn’t know who to turn to or where to apply them. I felt like there was a part of me that I would never show this world. I was always looking for a Spirtual mentor but kept finding that I couldn’t connect with the healing modalities available to me so I kept looking and sending out my positive vibes.

Then I walked into Shambala house and my journey felt on track I was very blessed to meet Sharon, Stan, Tracy and Gian. When I heard Gian speak and share his information I felt a pull to want to know more as I knew what he was sharing was something special.
AQH has helped me to align with my authentic self, and really know who I am and why I’m here. It has made a huge differnce with my family and all my relationships. Every time I use the method or share it my heart energy radiates and I can see the physical and spiritual enhancement it has made within myself and the person im working with.
I love that this harmonizing modality is available and has this great ability to connect with anyone, this modality is part of the major shift that has been spoken about. I would encourage anyone to connect with Gian, and the amazing family at Shambala House.
Let’s get the angelic party started!!  ~Adriana De Angelis, Melbourne

The effects the elated feeling beyond the high of drugs. Present and in the awareness of the three d reality. Not just in a meditation with the delightful bliss. But in your awareness of this earth plain we reside on. Feelings of happiness, ripples of joy, overflowing emotions of delight. Laughter being light, being silly, kid like with no cares. In the moment when you connect with another and feel nothing but pure love. No expectations, 100% in the present and feeling that joy, lightness and happiness. Kidding around. Feeling alive, grateful and engaged. Wow. I have learnt many modalities, had many many Healings and for all I am grateful. Is it a phase I’m at in my development or the ultimate feeling this Angelic Quantum Healing brings. I see and feel the lightness in each healing for each individual journey.
An experience I had with AQH I woke at 4, worried about something my partner told me. As I laid in the dark I was sucked into the analyzing the worrying and negative goal setting. I’m so lucky to know and understand what staying in this state of mind means and does to your body, your emotions, and future. I know it’s not what I want.
AQH comes to mind and as I lay there I commence the process gathering the torus field energy. Feeling eminence beauty, love and happiness seeing my partner in bliss and love. Then project in my hand and I then laying there in the blissful metatron energy I bathe myself and my partner in the beautiful light.
When I finish I pause and re-ignite the torus field in my hands and travel to my fathers house. I was awakened two nights before aware of dense energy in his place. I cleansed the house and my father using this energy. Being in the metatron cube, one with the torus field and love I have never felt so protected in the clearings. I was able to cleanse the house in love, protected by love rather than in fear for what my minds eye was witnessing. Able to use cleansing tools with ease and increased power. Amazing. Feel over whelmed with emotion. When the alarm went, I and my partner woke with so much joy. I was racing for a flight. I will be staying in the cleansed house in Perth. ~ Clair Luise, Melbourne

Class dates: February 10 and 11; 10am – 6pm ( Lunch and Tea break is included)

Registration starts 9:30am

Investment: $450