Aura Chakra Report Interpretation

WinAuraStar measures your personal biofeedback data with hand plates of an AuraCamera Coggins 6000 or with the WinAuraStar AuraSensor-Box. The data is analyzed and processed so that information about your personal aura can be displayed in graphic and text. The aura shows certain colors in different areas. All colors and areas have a certain meaning and reflect emotional and mental characteristics about your personality. You can see personal potentials, character types, but also problems and disturbances.

WinAuraStar gives you a detailed report on chakra sizes, chakra colors and chakra shapes.

The ideal chakra shape is round like circle. This indicates a balanced chakra. If it is not symmetrical this might indicate an inbalanced chakra

The resonant color for each chakra is displayed. This color may vary according to your personal energy level. It can be lighter or darker. Light colors indicate that you project your energy outwards. 

The chakra size indicates your activity and the fields connected to the chakras. A large chakra size indicates your activity in the fields connected to the chakras

  • A large chakra (75-100%) indicates a high level of energy in the specific chakra and supports all matters connected to that chakra. 
  • Medium size chakras show a normal activity (40-75 %)
  • Small chakras show little energy in the chakra and connected areas in your life (less then 40%)

On the example above we can see a few chakras  a very large and some are small.

ROOT CHAKRA (also known as base or firstchakra)

Color: Red
Musical Note: C
Location: The base of the spine
Sense: Smell
Function: Survival. will, self preservation, vitality, passion
Gemstone: Ruby,garnet, bloodstone

Our bodies need to have first chakra stimulation every so often. This is why we go to scary movies, or action thrillers, why we climb mountains and take adrenalin-rushing risks! It keeps the flow of first chakra energy alive and moving. Without it, life become dull. When the first chakra is congested (as on the picture above – below 40%) it can lead to feelings of weakness and powerlessness in life – a sense of being underfunded. 
When unbalanced, one may become obsessed with material security, accumulating things, overly concerned with physical safety.

SACRAL CHAKRA (naval or second chakra)

Traditional Color: OrangeIMG_2764

Musical Note: D
Location: Two inches below the belly button
Sense: Taste
Function: Creativity, emotions, clairsentience (clear
feeling) procreation, sexuality, sensuality, enthusiasm
Gemstones: Coral, carnelian, gold calcite, amber 

This chakra is also the seat of a psychic ability called clairsentience: the ability to feel the emotions of someone else. You can pick up other people’s emotions with our clairsentience. 
It’s no coincidence that “go with your gut’ is a popular expression in business!

When the second chakra is congested or closed down, it can lead to feelings of isolation, a desire to be alone, and sexual inactivity. It can also cause dependency. When it is overstimulated (as on the picture  – 94%), it causes bouts of intense emotion, an overwhelming need to get attention from others or a tendency to overindulge in food, sexual experiences, and
material possessions.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA (or third chakra)

Traditional Color: Yellow
Musical Note: E
Location: Just under the ribcage, at the diaphragm or solar plexus
Sense: Sight Function: Regulates body’s life force energy, mental activity, and self-empowerment
Gemstones: Citrine, gold, topaz, amber,tiger eye

The solar plexus chakra gives you a natural drive to compete and excel. It is the chakra of self.
When this chakra is clear, open, and spinning well, you feel alert, confident, and energetic. You have an “edge”.
When it is congested, you can feel emotionally suppressed, confused, and unsure how to take action and achieve your goals. 
When the third chakra is overstimulated, it can lead to overly competitive and self-centered behavior. 

Ulcers and other digestive disorders are also symptoms of an overstimulated third chakra.

HEART CHAKRA: (or fourth chakra)

Traditional Color:
Musical Note: F

IMG_2765Location: Center of the chest, just under the sternum
Sense: Touch function: Sense of connection with all
things, oneness, caring, affinity, love, self-esteem,
Gemstones: Emerald, jade, tourmaline, rose quartz

Green is the traditional color associated with the heart chakra-a color of teaching and empathy, and of the Earth. It is the chakra of self esteem and self love, as well as a place of connection with those whom we love. The heart chakra transforms physical desire into love.

This chakra is also the meeting place for body and spirit. It is the place where you communicate with yourself, and where self esteem lies. A congested fourth chakra can lead to self-consciousness, feelings of being out-of -balance, and a narrow focus in life-mainly on the needs of the self.
Someone with a congested fourth chakra has a difficult time loving and giving to others.
An overstimulated heart chakra works in the reverse: it can indicate an individual who is more concerned with the group and the welfare of others that his/herself. (96% on the picture)

THROAT CHAKRA: (fifth chakra)

Traditional Color: Sky Blue
Musical Note: G
Location: The hollow of the throat
Sense: Hearing Function: Communication, talking,
singing, higher creative arts, divine inspiration,
Gemstones: Turquoise, blue topaz, lapis, aquamarine

The throat chakra governs one’s ability to express ideas. Creative energy also moves through the throat chakra, down the arms and blossoms out through the energy centers in your hands as written words or physical creations.
The throat chakra also governs the psychic ability of telepathy. Many people in our culture today have trouble voicing their true feelings. Instead of saying what they feel, they just think about it. These unspoken thoughts go out into the telepathic airwaves (also known as the collective unconscious).
Telepathy is the art of communicating thoughts, feelings, and ideas without physically speaking or writing them.

A congested throat chakra can indicate someone who doesn’t like to communicate or has trouble creating with intelligence and practicality. If the throat chakra is overstimulated, it can cause the person to bring in worry and fear from the telepathic airwaves. The person begins to experience these emotions as his/her own, not realizing that he/she is just tuning in to other’s mental communications.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: (Brow chakra, sixth chakra)

Traditional Color: Indigo (dark blue)
Musical Note: G
Location: Just above the eyebrows
Sense: Intuition
Function: Clairvoyance (clear seeing) intuition,
spiritual sill, connecting ideas, developing a “picture”
of the world
Gemstones: Lapis, azurite, sodalite, quartz, sapphire

The brow chakra, or third eye, is perhaps the most well-known of all the chakras. It is located in the center of the head, and is the seat of clairvoyance, or clear seeing. Indigo is the traditional color used by the ancients for the brow chakra-it is often considered the color of clairvoyance.

A congested third eye leads to lack o imagination or expression of your ideas. If this center is overstimulated, it creates a high level of idealism, active imagination, and constant expression of ideas and thoughts. Too much of a good thing here can lead to dreaming “impossible dreams” like Don Quixote!

CROWN CHAKRA: (seventh chakra)

Traditional Colors:Violet, magenta, white, goldIMG_2781Musical Note: B
Location: The top of the head
Sense: Knowing
Function: Knowledge and enlightenment, connection with higher planes of consciousness,
Divine Will, spiritual truth, the divine plan of the universe, certainty
Gemstones: Amethyst, diamond, quartz

You’ve probably heard the saying, “That idea just came off the top of my head.” This is an example of the crown chakra at work. We bring in much of our spiritual information and energy through the crown chakra. Traditionally, the main color in the crown is violet.

The crown chakra is the seat of divine will, of certainty, of purpose. Leaders often have especially well-developed crown chakras. They use that certainty on a daily basis in making decisions and giving directions to their followers.
A congested crown chakra may lead to confusion and uncertainty (35% on the picture). An overstimulated crown chakra can create a need either for power and control or a disconnection with physical reality and human relations.

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