Cutting the Cords to the Past w/Bonnie Hassan

Thursday, May 19 7-9pm

Let it all go with divine assistance

  • How many times have you told yourself to quit thinking about what happened in the past?
  • How often does what happened in the past affect the way you live life in the present?
  • How many times have you tried and failed to let it all go?
  • Are you willing to give it another try; this time with some Divine assistance?

Join Bonnie Hassan for a guided meditation to ask Archangel Michael to use the power of his sword to cut the cords we’ve been unable to sever ourselves.  There’s  no hard work for you… just a willingness to ask for help and the readiness to receive!  We’ll follow Michael’s work with a Reiki energy circle to take the release and healing to a deeper level.  She’ll empower the energies with the vibrations of drums and rattles, and facilitate messages from Spirit and your guides and angels as the circle progresses.  You’ll get what you need without even needing to know what that might be!  Let a Higher Power decide and surrender yourself to Divine intervention!

Keep a tissue or two handy in case the release is emotional.  Bring a journal or notebook to record any insights or wisdom.  Invite a friend and share the journey.

Set your intention and let God do the rest!

Join Bonnie Hassan, Nashville Reiki Master, medium, channel, psychic and psychotherapist as she offers you the opportunity to let Spirit work within you and around you in a bigger way!

Bonnie Hassan has been teaching and practicing Reiki for sixteen years. As she used Reiki to take her own healing to a deeper level, Bonnie’s intuitive gifts began to surface. She uses the Reiki energy in a unique group format, and further empowers it with the vibrations of druHarrisburg Headshotms, rattles and Native American flute to provide participants with a unique whole body experience.

As she channels Native American spirits that speak to your soul, she may also bring forth messages from your guides and angels to provide the guidance and direction you need for your life’s path.

Join Bonnie for this powerful journey with the Divine. Set your intention and leave your expectations at home so Spirit can work within you and around you in the way that Spirit knows is best.

Bring a notebook or journal to record the messages you receive. Bring a friend to share the journey.

Cost: An Offering from Your Heart
A monetary offering is expected for your participation. After the session is complete, Bonnie will ask you to sit quietly, place your focus on your heart and ask Spirit/God/The Universe what you should offer for what you received.

Registration is strongly recommended.