Energy Healing

There are many different names and modalities of energy healing or alternative healing.

  • Reiki
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique or “tapping”)
  • Energy Scanning
  • Dowsing
  • Radionics
  • Acupuncture

All healing modalities influence the client’s energetic field (the energy bodies that emanate from the physical body). Some modalities use symbols that are known by master teachers and passed from one generation of healers to the next. One such form is Reiki, which is believed by many to have originated in Tibet. It’s a healing technique where students learn symbols and then have these symbols “attuned” into their finger tips and the palms of their hands. When using Reiki, the practitioner is sending these healing symbols, through their energy field, into the energy field of the client that is need of healing. Some healing modalities require physical contact be made, via an instrument i.e. acupuncture needles, tuning forks, pressure from practitioners hands, while other forms do not.

All forms of energy healing, have one thing in common, and that is that the practitioner is being a facilitator/conductor of divine or creator energy; which is the real source of all healing.

Every client is unique and so are the methods and length of time that may be needed to treat them. Many clients find that while they have a persistent physical issue, when they are being treated by an energy healer, they also may also experience an emotional release.

Holistic healing is an approach to treat the mind, body and spirit simultaneously, to achieve the highest levels of health and happiness. The overall health and well being of an individual is ultimately up to them, and heavily influenced by the choices that they make in their day to day lives. Some believe that it is necessary to become a vegan or vegetarian, while others do not. By and large, the holistic community does agree that meditation,

alternative healing, the use of herbal remedies or supplements, exercise and proper medical care (routine and when necessary) all contribute to the health of a person. No one practice should be relied on solely.