Esoteric Acupuncture

Esoteric Acupuncture  a system of transformational healing on all levels of being. The focus of Esoteric Acupuncture, as opposed to other forms of traditional acupuncture, is on spiritual growth and evolution.

Esoteric Acupuncture is not merely another form of acupuncture treatment. Esoteric Acupuncture defines a “way of life.” This way of life emphasizes the awakening and expansion of our spiritual center (not the same as religions). This way of life includes the importance of understanding the vibrational frequencies of the foods and
drinks we ingest. 

The phrase Esoteric Acupuncture is broken up into three sections.
Esoteric means something that is not readily known.
Acupuncture comes from two words.

  • “Acus” is a Latin word that means needle or obelisk. In esoteric teachings, obelisk can also mean a temple.
  • Puncture means to pierce.

Therefore, we are piercing your “temple” (your physical body) to activate or to reach something esoteric within.

This esoteric “something” is the alignment, strengthening and refining your Heart Center. This Heart Center is the field that opens up infinite possibilities for your journey on planet Earth. We are interested in raising the vibrations of your Heart Center and to connect this center with all your denser frequency fields of consciousness including: your dense physical, etheric, astral and mental fields, plus accessing and activating the buddhic, atmic, monadic and logoic fields of consciousness. It is possible for some of you to access solar, galactic and cosmic consciousness with repeated Esoteric Acupuncture treatments.

The emphasis of Esoteric Acupuncture is on spiritual awakening and centering all levels of the heart.Esoteric1

Esoteric Acupuncture emphasizes Wellness versus merely addressing disease or physical imbalances.

Esoteric Acupuncture works on an extremely subtle level of finer frequencies, using special geometrical patterns and sequences of needle insertion that trigger the opening of spin points. These are inter-dimensional openings through which sound-light vibrations from the higher dimensional network can enter into the physical body through the acupuncture points accelerating the spin of cell molecules and causing the formation of light micro-fibrils within the cells. The Esoteric Acupuncture patterns, therefore, reorganize the patternings on every level of our being from consciousness down to the physical body, giving us access to deeper states of meditation and communion with the Divine, as well as emotional tranquility, mental calm, and radiant health as the root of all disease, disconnection from our higher Self, is removed.

Treatments are typically 80 minutes long to allow the client to have adequate time to journey inward and reach a state of silent mind. Cofe guides the clients through visualization to assist the installation of the geometric encoding patterns. Vibrational healing with didgeridoos and crystal bowls can also be added to the treatment in order to resonate the antenna-like needles transmitting and rejuvenative sound waves deep into the inner resources of the body.

“The power of acupuncture is to harmonize and strengthen the body systems before a disease stage, but the power of esoteric acupuncture is to work with consciousness and strengthen the center which consists of the various levels of your heart.”

Esoteric Acupuncture is now available at SunGates Center. (can be covered by your insurance). Esoteric Acupuncture practitioner trained with Dr. Mikio Sankey.

Questions and to make an appointment, please call Nataliya Nusinova, L.Ac – 847-293-1439