SUNGATES CENTER Introduces: a Health & Wellness Co-Working Space –

a new way for independent Health & Wellness practitioners to work in a shared, collaborative space. 

4 Benefits of  Health & Wellness Co-Working space:

  1. Virtually no overhead: You don’t have to sign a lease and pay for equipment, utilities, staff, and all the headaches that come with running a business. We provide all those things for you. You have the flexibility to choose when and for how long you want to rent out one of our spaces based on your needs.
  2. Meet Potential Clients: SunGates Center has a live internet radio station on premises. We broadcast Health & Wellness programs 7 days a week to thousands of listeners. If you need to advertise your business, we are here to help. We also host events where different practitioners can interact and share ideas among each other.
  3. Fully Equipped Spaces:  Each one of our spaces comes fully equipped for each practitioner’s individual needs. Just let our friendly staff know what you need them to leave or take out of each space to help you better to conduct your business.
  4. Location: SunGates Center offers a central location that is easy for you and your clients to get to. Conveniently located at intersection of Dundee & Milwaukee in Wheeling

4 luxurious Health & Wellness rooms to accommodate all your workplace needs.

Premium Features and Services

yoga1Yoga & Tai Chi Studio – 600 sqft space equipped with mats and pillows as well as a peaceful atmosphere to hold your classes.
   A large space to handle all your group programs



?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Massage Room– space includes a massage table, linens and towels. Combined with a candlelit soothing ambiance.
 Fully equipped to handle your clients

massage room



acuAcupuncture Room– space includes an acupuncture table, linens and a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.
Your clients will feel  at peace in our settings  

 Accup room



meeting3Meeting Space– space includes a large table and comfortable chairs. As well as a large flat screen TV to help facilitate all your gathering and classroom needs.
Group space for gatherings                                                                                                                         


For space availability contact SunGates Center
Address: 395 E Dundee Rd #500, Wheeling, IL 60090
Phone: (847) 345-0988
Email: info@theSunGates.com