Gian Carlo Zazzeri

Bachelor in Wellness and Holistic Counselling, Master in the Inner Arts of Evolution, Intuitive Life Coach, Quantum Therapist, OmegaUntitled design (3) Health Coach, Master Angel Life Coach, Chrystalline Oracle, Psychic, Medium, European Holisitc Teacher and Director of Angeli Cristallini International.

Born in the United Kingdom of an Italian father and French-Mauritian mother, from an early age, Gian Carlo had particular gifts which resulted in a very turbulent childhood and youth. It wasn’t until his early adult life that he realized that he was gifted with multidimensional awareness, contact and vision. Once understood, he developed mastery of his particular gifts and put them into service for humanity.
At the age of 19, Gian Carlo moved to Italy and later enlisted in the Italian Military Police Force where he remained for 24 years. Initially assigned to the special airborne division, he went on to achieve the rank of Sargent Major. Whilst aspects of the Military felt very foreign to Gian Carlo, his aptitude for understanding the human psyche earned him the respect of his superiors and opened many doors for him. He received
sponsorship to complete a bachelor degree in Wellness and Holistic Counselling at the C.S.E.N and the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research. He was assigned to work as a practitioner to assist colleagues with psychological issues, veterans and their families. His success here lead to him working with a group of civilian psychologists in an innovative therapeutic program to assist serious offenders in the maximum
security prison in Aosta.
Whilst in the military, Gian Carlo had the opportunity to collaborate, as a holistic coach and teacher with world-renowned speaker and holistic teacher Dr. Roy Martina in Holland and Germany. Dr Martina clearly recognized Gian Carlo’s unique abilities to channel new, holistic modalities. Great and powerful personal changes began occurring for Gian Carlo, which he realized were communications from his spiritual guides
and gradually he understood that his destiny lay beyond the military. A leap of faith saw him leave the military and step into the unknown, trusting only his guides and instincts.

5 years prior to leaving the Military Police, Gian Carlo began conducting private holistic counselling consultations and workshops, independent of the Military. Gian Carlo’s work produced profound well-being, vitality and serenity, in his clients and students. Together with his gifted wife, Manuela Bollea, they created Angeli Cristalini International, a holistic wellness organisation, based in Asti in the north of Italy. It was here
that they developed and co-directed The Academy of the Crystalline Angels – a metaphysical school founded on innovative methods which are the combination of scientific theories and spirituality, channeled and developed by Gian Carlo and Manuela.
Through the Academy, they developed and offered a 2 year study program for 1st level European Holistic Counselors which was accredited by the Società Italiana Armonizatori Italiani (S.I.A.F) the most highly recognized Italian and European accrediting organisation, recognized in the United States by the Perry Johnson Organisation.Gian Carlo also developed Angelic Quantum Healing (A.Q.H), a powerful energetic modality designed to address the issues facing people in the 21st century. These courses enable students to experience powerful transformative shifts and changes which help them to realize their hidden potential and abilities. Since its inception, Angeli Cristallini International has produced hundreds of Coaches and 1st level Holistic Counselors and has changed the lives of many. Astounded by their successes and commitment, The Ministry of Universities and Research sponsored Gian Carlo and Manuela to conduct further work and conferred on Gian Carlo the honorary title of Master of the Inner Arts of Evolution.


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Gian Carlo is deeply committed to expanding this transformative healing work to assist as many people as possible to reconnect with their authentic selves and reclaim their power to master their personal destiny.
Gian Carlo was invited to come to Australia in 2017 and has further developed and commenced teaching AQH in Melbourne, where he has met resounding success, creating amazing results for students and clients.
His work has now also been introduced into New York and he has additional requests to extend into Dubai.