Michael Soto,  Ambassador of the group

“My spiritual journey started with Shirley MacLaine course where I met my first teacher – little did I know what I was getting into. Anya spent 8 months teaching me about energy and spirituality – from there I went onto learn Johrei, Mari-El, and became a teaching Reiki Master.
It was while volunteering at AAHP (alternate aids health project) that I truly began to learn my craft as a healer, it was at that time spirit began to teach me but I didn’t know it then. From that time I took many different healing modalities which has lead to my main practice, shamanism. My form of shamanism is spirit taught and includes various forms of high level energy work.

My practice includes working multi-dimensionally in the higher and lower dimensions, soul retrieval, removing entities, portals and windows to include just some of the work I do. I do healing sessions on people, clear their homes and businesses. My practice is always changing since spirit is always feeding me new info all the time.
Along the way I started the Chicago Healing Circle which I co-lead for 10 years, the Rockford Healing Circle which I started and co-lead for 10 years and now the Healing Circle at SunGates Center. My life’s work is seldom dull.”

Sharon Serota
Sharon has a multitude of modalities to help people be more centered and balanced.
Helping people help themselves, raise people’s vibrations
Oneness Deeksha; EFT with a Guarantee, (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Reiki; Karuna Reiki; IET Integrated Energy Therapy; Angelic Dowsing; Akashic Records Reader; BARS Access Consciousness


Dr. Peggy Petersen Crow, DN

“Dr. Peg” has been a Board Certified, Licensed Naprapath (connective tissue specialist) since 2005. She has an eclectic collection of “healing” modalities at her fingertips. She has been at student of Alternative Medicine and Healing Modalities since the early 1980’s. Dr. Peg brings all her knowledge to the table and then follows the lead of the client’s energy to provide a personal healing experience.
Dr. Peg also combines her background in Spiritual Psychology as a Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science into her practice. This makes for a powerful Body, Mind, Spirit connection and allows for healing in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fields as well.

Dr. Peg is a student of Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Healing Touch, Way of the Heart, Touch for Health, Energetic Transformation, Crystal Healing, Food as Medicine, and Reiki! Experience is Dr. Peg’s teacher and Life continues to be the path!
Dr. Peggy Crow available for private sessions at SunGates Center.

Maureen McCabe Nowak, Certified Reiki Practitioner.
With the help of spirit guides I use guided meditation, aromatherapy with essential oils, and sound therapy (Himalayan singing bowls, chimes and music) to help create a deeply relaxing hypnagogic state. The purpose is to bolster your soul while allowing energetic healing to soothe the mind and body. Many people report feeling comfort from guardian angels, spirit guides and loved ones.