Manuela Bollea

Director Angeli Cristallini International, Bachelor of Wellness and Holistic Counselling, Life Coach, Light Worker, Angel Master Life Coach, Omega Master Top Coach, Crystalline Oracle, Touchstone for Life Coach, Psychic, Medium, European Holistic Teacher

Manuela was born and grew up in the rich cultural, business and esoteric city of Turin, in northern Italy. Her mother was a medium and it became evident, from an early age, that Manuela was a very gifted medium and empath. She herself knew that she was ‘different’ and as she discovered her gifts, she committed to using her gifts to assist as many people as she could, to find joy and peace in their lives. She studied languages at the University of Turin and then went to work at an esoteric library in Asti, in northern Italy. Whilst there, she offered individual and group healing sessions, helping many people to change their lives. She met her husband Gian Carlo Zazzeri, also a gifted medium, and the two formed a strong partnership, committing their gifts to serving humanity.
In 2007, Manuela’s spiritual quest lead her and Gian Carlo to Australia to live amongst the Wangoo peoples, an indigenous community in Northern Queensland. Manuela and Gian were adopted by the Wangoo people and initiated into their practices by the leader of the community, a gift not often
conferred onto those outside their community. Not only did Manuela’s abilities increase, but her life was radically transformed by this powerful experience. Upon leaving the Wangoo peoples, she and Gian Carlo traveled to Holland and Germany where she began working with world renowned Dr Roy Martina, Isabelle Von Fallois, Garry Quinn, and Patricia Martina. Dr Roy Martina, world known holistic trainer and speaker, mentored Manuela and she became one of his most successful holistic coaches.

Manuela was passionate about the work she did whilst working with Dr Martina and it created positive changes in her well being and vitality and the sense of peace for herself and those she assisted. She knew that her capabilities were only to be used with her loving and humble heart to help as many people as possible. This passion became her personal mission and she devoted herself to sharing this knowledge to enable people to rediscover their potential and improve their lives.

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In 2012 Manuela and Gian Carlo created Angeli Cristalini International, a holistic wellness organisation, based in Asti. It was here that they created and co-directed The Academy of the Crystalline Angels – a metaphysical school founded on innovative methods which are a combination of
scientific theories and spirituality, channelled and developed by them.
Through the Academy, they developed and offered a 2-year study program for 1st level European Holistic Counsellors which was accredited by the Societa Italiana Armonizatori Italiani (S.I.A.F) the most highly recognised Italian and European accrediting organisation, recognised in the United States by the Perry Johnson Organisation. The Academy also developed the Transdimensional Quantum Healing method, a powerful energetic modality designed to address the issues facing people in the 21st century. These courses enable students to experience powerful transformative shifts and changes, enabling them to realize their hidden potential and abilities.
Angeli Cristallini International has produced hundreds of Coaches and 1st level Holistic Counsellors and has changed the lives of many. Astounded by their successes and commitment, The Ministry of Universities and Research sponsored Gian Carlo and Manuela to conduct further work.

Manuela is deeply committed to expanding, together with her husband, her transformative healing work to assist as many people as possible to reconnect with their authentic selves and reclaim their power to master their personal destiny. The Academy has been invited to Australia and Gian Carlo has commenced teaching their methods and conducting healings in Melbourne, where he has met resounding success, creating amazing results for students and clients. They have now introduced their methods in the USA, in New York. Manuela and Gian Carlo hope to expand their work to all
corners of the globe, to bring about transformation and healing.