There is much hype over mediation these days. Inner peace, control over the mind, physical healing and higher knowledge are powerful attention grabbers, inviting millions to explore an overwhelming lineup with varying philosophies and techniques. After more than 10 years of searching the world, experience has gifted Vova Kuperman wisdom as simple as it is profound:

“Know Yourself”

That is, to achieve mastery over one’s mind, one must first derive knowledge of the mind through experience. Inner peace, physical healing and deep understanding then gain the potential to come as byproducts proportional to that degree of mastery.

He is moved to share what he has learned by offering a guided practice to “squint” the inner eye of awareness in order to witness and study subtle mechanisms of the mind-body. Embodying understanding of mind-body through experience, it is a “seeing is believing” approach that targets some or all of the following:

  • Deep relaxation of mind and body.
  • Practicing detached, objective observation without aversion to negative thoughts, emotions or physical sensations.
  • Preparing for a process of release of suppressed feelings and emotions.
  • Looking at inner challenges that interrupt frequent practice of meditation.
  • Cultivating a balanced, non-reactive mind no matter the circumstances.
  • Changing the attitude toward the mind and loosening the grip of the mind’s momentum.
  • Deriving personal, experiential truth about thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Absolutely no prior meditation experience necessary.
Please bring pillow(s)/cushion(s) to sit on. Make sure that you are comfortable!

All sessions are free. Donation is appreciated

Guided by Vova Kuperman every Wednesday 7:30-9pm