Mirror of the Moon: See and Heal your Past Life Karma

October 6 7-9p           facilitated by Shaman Jay

  • Have you ever felt that you have lived many lives before?
  • Do you wonder where your natural talents and abilities that are easy to you come from? H
  • ave you experienced dejavu about certain things and places?
  • Do you believe in past lives?
  • Have you ever been curious how your past life may have an effect on your current situations or challenges that seem to re-occur or cycle back and forth in your current life?

In this class we will learn how to see others and yourself in your past life that is currently affecting the present. This ancient shamanic technique of tracking your former self facilitates healing that part of you which is in parallel with the current challenges in your life.

By connecting with the past, we learn from our mistakes, we discover how to heal now, get insight on how to move forward. This ancient practice can help us overcome our cycles of challenges and releae any energy that gets in our way of expressing our truth and creating a new path in our life.

The moon, being the closest astronomical body to Earth, has a profound effect on us. It represents the feminine, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives. Many cultures and people believe in following the cycles of the moon, working with this wonderful gift of nature, harnessing the different energetic influences at each of the stages.

Full Moon: High tide of power, amplifying and creative.
At the Full Moon, the energy is powerful and intense. This surge enables us to take action. This is a perfect time for releasing something that no longer serves us; or letting go of something that we no longer need in our lives; or an opportunity to let go of an aspect of ourselves that we have outgrown.

You are welcome to join us in this ritual of alignment and release at the height of the moons powerful spiritual influence and time for shift and change.

A Full Moon ritual is a powerful way to invoke power, release, letting go of what does not serves us anymore, unburdening ourselves, and purging. It is a time to get rid of the old, celebrating your emergence by stepping out of an old way of being / an old identity / behavior / attitude / relationship / frame of mind / situation. The ritual marks this inner transformation in a formal, ceremonial way, emphasizing to yourself and the Universe that you are ready to let go for the new you to emerge making way for new magical opportunities to come to you.

About the facilitator

Simon Jay a.k.a. “Shaman Jay”practitionerphoto

Native to the Philippines, Simon Jay a.k.a. “Shaman Jay” was raised and taught by his grandmother who was a “Hilot/Babaylan” meaning she was the  family/community healer, elder sage and soothsayer. Jay came to America to master energy healing, crystals, sound therapy, Reiki, and aromatherapy. His specialty is working with shamanic healing and ceremonies.  Today Jay is a painter of visionary art and a sound healing musician/therapist with over 10 years of musical experience. He is a student of the Chicago Shaolin Temple and leads qi gong/tai chi classes.

Cost: $30/$25 preregister on line