NADA Protocol

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Assocation auricular acupuncture protocol was initially founded as a holistic approach in aiding relaxation and furthering well being in people. It is used around the world to help people deal with reductions in cravings, quit smoking, anxiety, sleep disturbance and need for pharmaceuticals as well as recover from substance abuse, disaster & emotional trauma, behavioral disorders such as ADD and ADHD, many pain syndromes and muscular spasms.  This protocol works by mobilizing the existing internal resources of the patient to balance the body’s energy and assist the body’s healing processes.

The NADA five points (NADA – acudetox protocol) were chosen based upon Oriental medical theory. Acudetox involves the gentle placement of five small disposable steel needles in specific sites on each ear of a client undergoing treatment. The recipients sit quietly in a group setting for 30-45 minutes.

5 point protocol that helps detoxification nourishes yin organs, calms and reduces pain:

  1. Shenmennada3
  2. Sympathetic
  3. Kidney
  4. Liver
  5. Lung

Shenmen –emotional/spiritual awareness

Functions: analgesic point, calms the mind, treats insomnia stress, anxiety and restlessness, harmonizes the liver, reduces hypertension. Open connection to spirit (opens one’s Heart); ability to love self and others.

 Sympathetic – physical relaxation


  • Helps to relax the sympathetic nervous system, our fight or flight response,
  • Allow its counterpart, the parasympathetic system, (our ability to relax), to predominate.
  • Dilates blood vessels.
  • Calms the spirit, provides for serenity.
  • Helps the entire body to relax.


Functions: Tonifies kidney and yin, strengthens lower back, influences mental state and happiness, relieves fear. Opens the door to the wisdom of our internal awareness.


Functionsregulates the free flow of qi, strengthens digestion, and relieves muscle cramps, abdominal distension (bloating), depression, frustration, anger.  Helps connect with the internal self and find direction in life.  Empowers you to choose rather than react.


Functionsimportant for detoxification, regulates pores.  Aids in regulation of grief/sadness, improves sense of connection and self respect and integrity. Reminds of connection with heaven, provides inspiration.

This treatment helps to increase mental clarity, improve alertness, improve sense of well – being and relaxation, improve sleeping patterns. It helps in the reduction of aches, pains and muscle spasms, reduction of depression and anxiety. It increases concentration, reduces anger and brings forth internal peace.

People learn to “let go” of tension and preoccupations.  Tired, apathetic people report an increased sense of vitality during and after treatment.  Most people experience a relaxing and centering feeling.

Nataliya Nusinova is a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Board Certified Acupuncturist and is licensed by the state of Illinois.
Nataliya graduated from three academic years’ Masters level Acupuncture and Bachelor level Nutrition program at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, one of the nation’s oldest and prestigious colleges of its kind.

She received extended training in TCM at the intensive clinical training unit in Chengdu, China.  The TCM clinic provided Natalia the opportunity to rotate through a variety of unique clinical settings where she experienced the approach of many distinguished practitioners. Nataliya treated a wide range of medical conditions and gained a thorough, hands-on experience in acupuncture and the other physical modalities of oriental healing. This extended training has set a foundation particularly for knowledge-ability, a thorough skill set and has fine tuned patient/healer sensitivity to the highest caliber. It also taught Nataliya that the subtle balance of clinical science and compassion is the key to a successful practice.

Nataliya practiced the oldest Taoist’s technique using Pestle tools. Even the tools are used to stimulate the acupuncture points and channels they do not pierce the skin and suitable for elderly people and kids.
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