Nature and Mind cycles; Holiday Feeling and Giving

By Emily Mayberrynature

During the winter months we naturally begin to go inward.

We bundle up in layers, spend more time inside cozy spaces, and our minds go into a reflective state. Unfortunately, until now western society has created a time of extreme activity, obligations, and stress during the winter holidays that literally goes against our nature. There has been a new culture rising that calls back to slow living, but is more of a middle ground.

Words like mindfulness and meditation have started to float around more as the holidays near. An understanding of how important is to gather in community to keep our inner fire burning, versus focusing on the elaborate gifts, decorations, dinner parties, and the like.

Not that there is no value in showing love by finding or making the perfect gift, it is the intention that changes the quality of the giving. Take nature’s cue and find at least pockets of time to slow down and reflect on this past year.

Make homemade food that will deeply nourish your body so it can withstand the colder times to come. Drink warm soothing drinks, do the activities that make you feel connected to something bigger, what bring you comfort. Any type of artistic expression also tends to help us move through all the things that may come up in the confines of winter.Copy of Elza

You do not need to consider yourself an artist in order to play around with color and different mediums; allow yourself to become more childlike. The washes of color will also prove to be medicinal as we crave to see the colors of plants and life, reminding us of the coming warmth and abundance of spring. As we tune in and feed these natural cycles within ourselves we will find we are better to cope with others expectations and needs during the holidays.

About author: Emily Mayberry is a shamanic practitioner and energy worker who also works closely with the physical medicines of the earth, she has been studying and working with both for 10 years.Working within the cycles of the moon and seasons, she makes herbal salves, tinctures, teas, etc. She is an initiate in the Priestess of the Moon collection which informs a lot of her work. Holding spaces of transformation is a passion for her.

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