Assimilaid®, 100 Capsules/Bottle


Assimilaid® consists of an individual formula from one of the five total formulas in Quinary®. It is designed to address the body’s digestive system with “earth element” herbs that help the body process food quickly and efficiently. This formula nourishes all the functions that deal with digestion of foods and the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients vital to health. Regeneration and degeneration begin in the digestive system. It’s highly concentrated and tastes pleasant if mixed in water.

Product Description

  • Contains atractylodes root, which has long been used in folk medicine to aid stomach indigestion.*
  • Contains pinella root, known for its soothing effect on the stomach and its anti-emetic (vomit) effect due to motion.*
  • Contains orange peel extract, which has been used traditionally for indigestion as it increases gastric secretion.*
  • Contains fennel seed, which is used to maintain normal functionality of the stomach as it contains several essential oils that have antioxidant properties.*

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