Quantum Healing Days

February 1 -9Untitled design (5)

Psychic Reading, Channeling,  Advanced Reading of Aura, activating Quantum Healing

One on One, Private sessions with Gian Carlo Zazzeri  & Manuela Bolea

Gian and Manuella have brought their amazing abilities all the way from Australia to bless us here in Wheeling at SunGates Center.
These are the most powerful and thorough reading/healings you can experience. They involve 3 parts. (For full session only 1hr 15min)

1. The first is a powerful physical/emotional reading including body and ethereal components that uncovers what may be keeping you from your most authentic and powerful self. This part also helps you release old patterns and open to a freer more empowered aspect of yourself.

2. The second is a powerful channeling from your guides and angels providing you interdimensional words, sounds and information to open and activate your consciousness and assist you on your path to higher consciousness and healing.

3. The third is an auric field reading that takes you back many lifetimes, and interdimensionally to your highest and most powerful self. They can go all the way to the 12th dimension and beyond.

You will be able to record the whole event so you can listen many times. These recordings continue to activate aspects of your consciousness for days and weeks after. 

  • 30 min – $60
  • 1hr 15 min – $120

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