Energy of January Super Full Moon 2018

2018 swings into gear with a Super Full Moon in the sign of Cancer. This Full Moon will be helping to bring closure to the energy of December 2017, and will be guiding you to the theme for the year ahead. Falling on the 1st-2nd of January, the Super Full Moon in the sign of Cancer […]

Get Massage/Acupuncture Therapy You Deserve Before Holidays

The Holidays are considered as the most stressful season of the year. At SunGates Center, our professional massage therapist will relieve those tensions in your body and melt them away so you can easily go back to your errands feeling refreshed. What’s great about having a massage therapy is that you can easily take on new […]

Combing Therapy. What are the Benefits?

Combing therapy is an ancient method of health care that can be practiced by anyone to improve their health. Combing Therapy is really an extension of Tui Na (Chinese medical massage) and self-care therapies often characterized as Dao Yin (guiding/leading or guiding/pulling), or Yang Shen (nourishing life) techniques. These methods involve self massage and movement […]

How Acupuncture Can Relieve Pain and Improve Digestion, Sleep ……..

Acupuncture is a 3,000-year-old healing technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1997, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) documented and publicized acupuncture’s safety and efficacy for treating a wide range of conditions. Acupuncture is now covered by many insurance policies and is used most broadly to relieve pain. How does acupuncture work? Acupuncture improves […]

Relieving Headaches and Migraines

How often do we hear from our loved ones, colleagues, friends – “I have a headache”, “I have terrible headache since I woke up this morning.” …… Headache is a very common health problem. People from all age groups suffer from headaches from time to time. Headache can cause unbearable pain along with nausea, and […]