Nature and Mind cycles; Holiday Feeling and Giving

By Emily Mayberry During the winter months we naturally begin to go inward. We bundle up in layers, spend more time inside cozy spaces, and our minds go into a reflective state. Unfortunately, until now western society has created a time of extreme activity, obligations, and stress during the winter holidays that literally goes against […]

Game-Changing Spiritual Tools to Transform Your Life

Don’t Look Back It’s time to ditch the pain of the past and move forward into a beautiful new future you are in the process of paving for yourself. It’s time to stop revisiting memories, hanging onto grudges, opening old wounds or wishing that things could have been different in some way. The number one […]

Holistic Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety

Heart palpitations, hot flashes, trembling hands, a surge of terror… anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety knows how truly miserable it can be. Everyone gets nervous and stressed from time to time, but for some people, feelings of dread, worry, and panic can become frequent and overwhelming.  Of course, it’s important to speak with […]

Why Slow Yoga?

Extract from article by Dr. John Douillard. Today, yoga classes are available on a drop in, as-needed basis, but traditionally, yoga was prescribed by the family Vedic guru (teacher) whose job was to teach the children the ways of a Vedic lifestyle. This of course included the practices of yoga, breathing and meditation, but also had […]

Our words and thoughts are powerful

Have you ever told yourself anything like. . .  -I’m too old.-I’ve got bad “insert body part” pain.-I’m too tired.-It doesn’t matter anyway.-I just have a slow metabolism.-I’ve got the fat gene.-I’m not worth it.-It’s not worth it.-I already ruined today, I should just go wild.-Nothing works for me anyways.  After reading that list I don’t want […]

Lama Lena

Beginning in 1972, Lama Lena (Yeshe Kaytup) spent three years studying with Lama Thubten Yeshe at his monastery in Nepal and seven years in retreat and practice in a small cave above TsoPema under the tutelage of her root teacher, Ven. Wangdor Rimpoche. For the past 25 years she has traveled extensively with Wangdor Rimpoche as […]