The Mediums Three of Aurea – An Insight Into the New Year

Friday, January 19 7-9pm

Ring in the New Year with the foresight from our guides, spirits of our loved ones, or insight from the tarot! We are again in this renewal of our cycle and what better time than now to get insight in our life for the year to come?

Join members of Aurea Healing Circle – Shaman Jay, Yvie, and Esther Domingoin this ceremony of reflection and dreaming forward. We begin with a small meditation in honoring our past, the life that has brought you to where you are now, and beings that helped you in your path. We invite our ancestors, spirit guides, and higher self to help us find guidance, resolution, and inspiration to what is coming ahead in our life.

Each participant will have the opportunity to speak and ask a question to the mediums and readers.

During the Meditation, you are invited to focus on one of the topics and ask the reader and mediums to help find you in getting insight:
– Resolution: something in our life that we are still processing or dealing with that we would like an insight about in how to move forward or let go
– Foresight: to see what lies ahead in our path in regards to a project, relationship, career, travel, and plans.
– Connections: intentions, focus, and prayer can sometimes bring the spirits of lost loved ones to the present and ask our mediums to connect with them

Take this time in your life to recollect your thoughts and ideas, reconnect with your roots and higher self, or perhaps our spirit guides or loved ones may have insight for us. Start your year with a reading!

About our Facilitators:
Yvie Morales
Hi my name is Yvette and what drew me to the spirit world is a spiritual connections I have always had ever since I was a young child. I remember playing with spirits and finding relief with them as they do with me. In the past years have been working with and participating in shamanic rituals, ceremonies, mediumship and connecting with spirits. I feel that I am here to help heal and assist individuals in their own healing process and listen to any spirit guides or loved ones that may have a message of insight, warning, inspiration, and love.

Esther Domingo
I am a Medium, Reiki Master and healer. I offer mediumship readings and energetic -healing. In my work, Spirit/Source, the Arch Angels, and my Spirit Guides, guide me. I deliver messages from your own Spirit Guides and/or loved ones who have passed on. Before each session, I infuse my energetic field with Reiki to ensure only messages from a high vibrational frequency as well as unconditional love and compassion come through.”

Simon Jay
Native to the Philippines, Simon Jay a.k.a. “Shaman Jay” was raised and taught by his grandmother who was a “Hilot/Babaylan” meaning she was the family/community healer, elder sage and soothsayer. Jay came to America to master energy healing, crystals, sound therapy, Reiki, and aromatherapy. His specialty is working with shamanic healing and ceremonies. Today Jay is a painter of visionary art and a sound healing musician/therapist with over 10 years of musical experience. He is a student of the Chicago Shaolin Temple and leads qi gong/tai chi classes.

$25 Pre-Register / $30 at the Door