Welcome Party and Mini Fair

Saturday, October  7 2017  11 am -2 pm

We are glad to welcome Nick Kuennen, DC, founder of The Wellness Source.drnick

Dr. Nick Kuennen will be  joining the team of our practitioners and moving his practice to SunGates Center as of November 1

Dr. Nick  is practicing special techniques called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA).

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a chiropractic technique that honors the body as an intelligent design of body, mind and spirit, which provides the overall foundation of health and well-being. Using precise, light contacts along the spine, a practitioner can help practice members (patients) learn to find and reorganize tension from their spine life. The goal is to help them break a repeating cycle of chronic pain and disease, promote healing and
tap into their own energies to lead a more fulfilled life.

Nick Kuennen, DC  has offered this technique since late 2015, and is one of four practitioners in Illinois to include this treatment method in his practice.

Read more about Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

~ 11:30 am Presentation “Modern days Macrobiotics” by Ella Zibitsker
~ 12:00pm  Presentation by Dr. Nick Kuennen about NSA

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You have a chance to experience other services during Welcome Party.

Have a burning question or need clarity?

Not feeling well and don’t know why, diagnostic of yourBalanced and unBalanced Aura energy field and chakras can spread the light.

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As always light refreshments and snacks  will be offered for everyone.

Join us to meet new and old friends, network, become part of our community!!!! Bring your Family and Friends!!!