Womb Medicine: Inner Moon balance – workshop for women

Thursday, January 11 7-9pm

This is workshop designed to provide tools and strengthen the bond of sisterhood.



It is time to rebuild the trust in our women communities.

This creates an environment where we can release, be vulnerable, and be authentic.

The tools will give deeper insight into the workings of the inner tides of our wombs.

Wombs are intimately tied to the moon and by following and know our own cycles we can work with our moon instead of against it. This is a fun an deep opportunity to come be in sisterhood in love and trust as we learn from each other how to be our powerful potent selves.

Facilitated by Emily Mayberry

Emily Mayberry is a shamanic practitioner and energy worker who also works closely with the physical medicines of the earth, she has been studying and working with both for 10 years.Working within the cycles of the moon and seasons, she makes herbal salves, tinctures, teas, etc. She is an initiate in the Priestess of the Moon collection which informs a lot of her work. Holding spaces of transformation is a passion for her.

Helping to create and hold rites of passage is a means to feel connected to community and the evolution of our lives.

She is particularly passionate about holding women and young girls wisdom and healing circles. She also Host retreats to dive in and do deeper work and/or celebration in the feminine realm. For the past 13 years Emily has been studying women’s health and reproductive processes and the symbiotic health care methods.

Meet Emily, as she is sharing her story!!!!

Cost: $25/$20 preregister on line