Yoga for Kids

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Yoga benefits children in so many ways and helps them connecting body and mind, while building confidence and love for themselves inside and out.
Yoga classes will help children to improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility as well as help them concentrate, focus, relax, be creative and imaginative to channel energy more effectively.
Our yoga classes presented for kids from 5 to 12 years old in a fun and simple manner that children can relate to.
Class length – 45 minutes;  Cost: $15

Other benefits:


Yoga may be able to help children reduce stress and deal more effectively with stressful situations.

Anger Management

  • Yoga helps calm the mind and bring peace even into situations that would normally provoke anger. In theory, children who learn these skills early will be less prone toward anger as adults.

  • Body Awareness

  • Yoga helps to develop body awareness, which can increase self esteem in children as their bodies change and grow. Yoga can also help children maintain flexibility as they grow.


  • According to research conducted at the University of Heidelberg, yoga for children can be effectively used in conjunction with medication to treat children with ADHD.

 Inna P.

Inna Peschanskaya is a cultural leader in Russian Community.  Inna graduated Music Pedagogical College in Belarus’ (Grodno) and Oakton Community College with meaningful theatrical and alternative art therapy experience.
Inna is Cofounder of Chicago Russian Community Theater that has been successfully performing for past five years. Founder and director of children’s theater group with multiple successful performances within last three years.
Inna worked in Salvation Army as Social worker with victims of human trafficking at 2002-2005.
Inna author and show host on Radio Show on the New Life Radio Russian radio station. (2013-2015)
Since January 2012 Inna has been volunteering for TEMA Creative Alliance and currently works on a number of projects (Events for Russian Speaking Population; Cultural and Educational Events; Organizing events for children, Summer Camp and Weekends with the Arts program).
After receiving a diploma in clinical psychology, Inna became serious in the pursuit for alternative methods in the treatment of psychological disorders, such as ADHD. When Inna discovered yoga she started applying breathing techniques to reduce stress and other techniques to help with various conditions.
After studying at the Himalayan Yoga & Meditation Center, Inna  taught yoga in kindergarten, “Soundgarden” school, “SunGates” wellness center as well as giving individual lessons.