Yoga Nidra – Dynamic Sleep

Date: TBD

let go, relax and restore

You’ll get a recording to use at home for full relaxation!!!

  • Self-care for the holidays – relax, restore, renew
  • Yoga nidra – zero stress zone

The practice of yoga nidra is as ancient as yoga itself. It’s a sleep based meditation practice, that allows the body to relax deeply and the mind to quiet effortlessly without falling asleep. Meditation happens when you are able to disengage from the thoughts and observe them rather than believe them.

Through a series of body, breath and awareness techniques you are guided into a state of complete non-doing. You are not practicing being aware so much as resting as awareness itself. Essentially in this deeply relaxed state, you are tapping into the unconscious areas of the mind, and can specifically target and shift self-destructive patterns that compromise health and well-being. Its the meditation for everyone. It’s easy to practice and its effects are profound for body, mind and spirit.


Wonderful for people with:

• Sleep disorders
• Anxiety
• Depressionsavita
• over active fear
• overwhelm
• desire more feelings of calm
• and wonderful for everyone.

Some common benefits:

• regulates hormones
• stabilizes blood sugar
• lowers blood pressure
• quiets the mind
• puts you on a path of right action
• inspires new habits and so much more…

Savita Laura Jachim is a Certified Amrit Yoga Teacher and Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Holistic Stress Management Coach,  Intuitive Coach with Emotion Code,  Oneness Trainer. She serves her community for more than 20 years, meeting people on their path, guiding them to greater states of peace and consciousness.

Cost:$20 – Pre_registered on line/$25 by the door